What type of videos can you make?

We make videos for mobile apps, web-based software applications, desktop software applications and facebook applications. We also make videos to visualize a concept or idea. Based on this, we offer 7 types of videos: animated explainer videos, animated app demo videos, non-animated app demo videos, app trailer videos, website videos, facebook app videos and whiteboard scribing videos. We can also produce a custom video if you have a specific requirement in mind. Just get in touch with us with your requirement!

What will be the quality of the video?

We make only HD videos in 1080px wide resolution. That means that after you upload the video to YouTube, you should be able to view the video in HD resolution by choosing "Change Quality" -> "1080 HD" in the YouTube player.

Does the video include voice over?

Yes. Our voice over artists will bring your videos to life by adding their voice to it based on agreed voice transcript.

Does the video include background music?

Yes, the background music is optional but it is available. It is left to your choice on whether you want to have a background music score in your video or not.

Will the video contain content that I wish to project?

Yes. When you place the order, you can specify the app or website or software features that you wish to highlight in the video. Before we make the video, we come up with a voice transcript: a write up that explains your app. You must review the voice transcript & suggest changes as required, or provide your own custom transcript. Our voice artists will use the voice transcript to add a natural sounding audio to the video. It is rest assured that we will keep you in the loop and work based on your approval. Your video will only have what you want it to have!

Can I suggest changes to the finished video?

Yes. However, the number of change iterations depends upon the plan you purchase. See the section "Changes & Edits" under pricing. Note that 1 iteration of change is the bare minimum, so all plans do come with at least 1 iteration of change. There is never the case of This is your video, just take this and be happy!

Can I choose to run my mobile app on the latest devices?

Yes. When you place your order, you are able to choose which device your mobile app must be run on for filming. Note that we do not let you change the device *after* the video filming is complete, as that becomes a complete rework for us.

What if my mobile app fails to run on the chosen device?

In the case of a demo video, if your app crashes on the chosen device, we will simply replace the device with a lower end device after intimating you. In the extreme case that your mobile app is completely unusable on all devices, we will issue a refund (less Paypal's transaction fee, as it's already paid to Paypal).

Can the video be uploaded to YouTube?

Yes. You can upload the video to your YouTube channel. We can also upload the video to our YouTube account and send you a link in case you prefer doing it that way. Note that if you want us to upload the video to OUR YouTube account, you lose the opportunity to moderate comments as we will not be in a position to give you access to our YouTube account.

How can I pay for my video?

When you place the order, you will be automatically redirected to Paypal's website to process payment. You can also contact us to arrange a WIRE Transfer if you do not prefer paying with PayPal. For Indian customers, please contact us and ask for NEFT transfer details, as PayPal does not allow transactions between Indian accounts. We exclusively use Paypal to process payments as PayPal is the most widely used Internet payment service that accepts all major credit cards, bank accounts and wire transfers. Note that only after Paypal clears your transaction, we will be in a position to process your order. That means that if you pay with a credit card, bank account transfer or Paypal balance, your payment is instant and we can start work on your video immediately. If you choose to pay with a wire transfer, there may be a delay at your bank's end before your transaction is completed. We will not be in a position to start working on your video before the transaction is complete & money credited our account.

Can you provide an Invoice?

Absolutely, just ask us for one! We are a registered legal entity in Chennai, India and we can provide you with a scanned invoice that has been manually signed by us. If you really need a hard copy, no problem. Just ask us for a hard copy and we will mail it to your physical address.

I need to order more than one video. How can I do this?

For placing bulk orders, please Contact Us with the specifics of your requirement. We will get back to you with pricing and payment information. You will not be required to place your order via the website if you're ordering more than one video at a time.

What is the refund policy?

We do not process refunds unless in extreme cases wherein your mobile app simply fails to run on our devices. In short, when we have not spent any time in making your video, we would be reasonable enough to issue a refund (less Paypal's transaction fee, as it's already paid to Paypal).

Will the video contain any AppVJ watermarks, credits or promotional material?

We do not place any watermark unless you provide us with explicit written permission to do so. We generally do not even ask our customers if we could place a credit line at the end of the video!

How is delivery time calculated? Are weekends included?

Our work hours are Monday to Friday, 10AM to 8PM IST (UTC+05:30). If you ordered a video on Thursday morning and the delivery time for the video is 3 business days, that implies delivery of the video to you on Monday evening.

Is it possible to get the video earlier than promised?

No, it may not be possible to receive your video earlier than promised, as there are a variety of tasks involved in making the video, in addition to the queue of customers who purchased a video ahead of you. However, you can always write to us explaining your case and we will consider your request based on the current order queue and resources at our disposal.

I need a video for something other than a mobile app, website, desktop based software application, explainer video or whiteboard concept. Can you help?

Yes, we will definitely take a look at your requirement and give you a response. Hopefully, we will be able to get the video done! Please contact us with the specifics of your requirement.

If your query is not answered here, please feel free to contact us with your question and we will answer your question as soon as possible.

The work process is very smooth & video is in very high quality. Packing so many features into a short video is hard. AppVJ have done a fantastic job.

John Smith

AppVJ did a great job producing a video to market my mobile app. The video was professional and it sparks viewer interest. I would use AppVJ for my video needs in the future!

George Trudell

It has been an absolute pleasure & delight working with AppVJ. They created scripts & videos for two FindaDoc apps and recorded a video describing functionality of the entire website. In order to accomplish this, they needed a complete understanding of our business. The pricing was reasonable and affordable. They come highly recommended!

Dr. Gerond Lake-Bakaar