Devices: iPhone 5S, 4S, iPad 3, Samsung Galaxy S3, Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, Windows 8 Tablet

Live App Videos for App Marketing & User Tutorial Purposes

Does my app need an app video? Does it help in app marketing?

Most developers expect app downloads and sales to be driven by static imagery such as screenshots. However, users need an app video to see the product in action before deciding to make a purchase or download. This is due to the clutter of apps available on the various app stores. An app video or promotional video is the first step that you can take towards effective app marketing.

What's the app video creation process at AppVJ?

We will download your app onto the device of your choice: From the iPhone to the Galaxy S3 to the iPad 3, we have the leading phones & tablets! We will then writeup a transcript highlighting the app's features from an app marketing perspective. Once you review & finalize the transcript, we will begin filming the app video. When the app video is done, we'll send it to you for your review.

In what ways can I use the app video in my marketing strategy?

If your app is launching on Google Play, Samsung Apps or Amazon, the app video can be embedded onto the app's product page, allowing users to preview your app before installing it. As part of your app marketing strategy, link back to the video in your press releases, app promotional materials & marketing campaigns. And did we mention it, app review websites love app videos!